Bearing Double Rubber Seal Bearings


Kindly allude to the image and select right sort of bearings before your request (Sealed or Shield on BOTH or SINGLE side of the bearing). Postfix on the bearing only for separating among Sealed and Shield kind of bearing. It would not influence the utilization of our item.


Profound Groove Ball Bearings are perhaps the most broadly utilized moving bearings. They are utilized to oblige spiral and pivotal burdens in the two ways.

Size: FKG profound score metal balls have an inside measurement of 8 mm, an external distance across of 22 mm and a width of 7 mm.

Elastic seal: These profound score metal rollers have twofold sided elastic seal to forestall the entrance of debasements and to save ointment.

Execution: FKG metal roller enjoy the benefits of low commotion, quick warmth dispersal, low grinding, rapid and high temperature opposition.

Great quality: These metal balls are made of top notch bearing steel. Its steel development makes it solid and impervious to deformity under substantial burdens.

Application: Widely utilized in modern machine, bike, car, china Industrial bearing power devices and mechanical gear and different sorts of field

Reasonable for a wide range of mechanical gear, miniature engine, little rotational engine, office hardware, etc.

Uxcell’s Deep Groove Ball Bearings are savvy and require little support.

Carbon Steel bearings are preferred in durability over chrome steel bearings subsequent to extinguishing. These savvy bearings are generally utilized in regions with low prerequisites for Mohs hardness.

Single-line, pre-greased up, ordinary exactness.

Determination Guide:

Safeguards (Designation Suffix Z/ZZ) – High speed. Shield from soil and flotsam and jetsam.

Fixed (Designation SuffixRS/2RS) – Made of sheet steel built up NBR (oil-and fluid safe). Lower limit speed than Shield Bearings.


Model: 683ZZ

Safeguard Type: Double Shield

Material: Carbon Steel

Enclosure Material: Stamping Steel

Internal Diameter (d): 3mm

External Diameter (D): 7mm

Thickness (B): 3mm

Precision Class: P0 (ABEC1)

Number of Pack: 20 Pcs

Weight: 10g