Maintenance and repair of agricultural machinery

  1 Strengthen the maintenance of agricultural machinery to reduce the failure rate in production

  The environment in which the agricultural machinery and equipment is actually applied is very complex, and the many factors that exist can cause certain damage to the equipment in the application of the equipment. If the agricultural machinery operators do not have regular maintenance and maintenance of agricultural machinery, will lead to the existence of mechanical equipment failure problems gradually expand, will not only affect the performance of agricultural machinery, more serious cases will also endanger the personal safety of machinery operators.

  According to the characteristics of agricultural machinery applications, agricultural machinery maintenance work is mainly divided into two types. The first is the preventive maintenance of agricultural machinery and equipment before the occurrence of the problem; the second is after the occurrence of the failure, analysis of the substantive reasons for the failure of the problem, so as to apply effective measures to troubleshooting.

  Agricultural machinery maintenance contains more content, including maintenance, inspection and diagnosis of agricultural machinery and equipment. Agricultural machinery and equipment maintenance is a kind of early diagnosis of failure measures, including the planned regular sampling inspection and temporary inspection of signs of mechanical equipment failure. Agricultural machinery maintenance belongs to the regular maintenance plan, this work must be strictly implemented, which includes the application of lubricating oil to agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery operating conditions for the whole machine diagnosis.

The effective implementation of agricultural machinery maintenance work, can be found in the operation of agricultural machinery and equipment failure hidden dangers, so as to reduce the probability of failure in the actual application of agricultural machinery, but also effectively reduce the cost of agricultural machinery maintenance work to carry out the investment, the function of agricultural machinery and equipment to better play out.

  However, the investigation of the past application of agricultural machinery found that agricultural machinery operators do not give appropriate attention to the maintenance and repair of agricultural machinery, more often than not, after the failure of mechanical equipment will be overhauled.

In the process of agricultural production will be forced to terminate because of agricultural machinery and equipment failure problems, and in serious cases will also cause threats to the lives of agricultural machinery operators. Agricultural production seasonal strong, the operator rushed to repair the equipment, can not guarantee the quality of agricultural machinery maintenance, many agricultural machinery in the repair is still in the “sick” running state, the agricultural production caused a very bad impact, so agricultural machinery operators must enhance agricultural machinery repair and maintenance degree of attention. Strictly ensure the quality of agricultural machinery repair and maintenance.

  2 from the source to solve mechanical failure

  Agricultural machinery in the process of application of failure problems, mainly because of the agricultural machinery and equipment parts with the size, parts production accuracy, component performance changes, agricultural machinery and the original design standards there is a large difference, resulting in agricultural machinery can not operate normally.

The main manifestation of agricultural machinery deformation is serious, equipment parts wear serious, equipment components fracture, many mechanical equipment failure problems are caused by the serious failure of parts wear.

Agricultural machinery operators do not have the correct application of lubricating oil and water, is an important factor in causing serious failure of parts wear. In the process of selecting the oil for agricultural machinery, you must choose the manufacturer with a good reputation, and strictly according to the product description for application.

Agricultural machinery must be applied to the fuel after 24 hours of precipitation treatment, as far as possible to reduce the consumption of precision components processing, to ensure that agricultural machinery and equipment can always be in a healthy state of operation, so that agricultural producers can really enjoy the many conveniences brought by agricultural machinery.

  3 constantly improve the technical quality of the driver

  To extend the service life of agricultural machinery, give full play to its role as the mainstay in agricultural production, agricultural machinery maintenance work must be included in the important agenda of agricultural machinery management.

Agricultural machinery maintenance and maintenance is related to the smooth progress of agricultural production, to do a good job, the key is how to improve the technical quality of the driver, train them to raise the machine, love the enthusiasm of the machine, strengthen training.

One is to play the role of the main position of the county agricultural mechanization school, a comprehensive and systematic theoretical training for drivers, and combined with the field operation training synchronized, so that the driver’s comprehensive skills gradually improved.

Second, the agricultural machinery technology promotion station in the promotion of new machinery, new technologies, while focusing on the maintenance of new machinery to do a good job of publicity.

  From the above analysis, we can see that the main factor leading to agricultural machinery accidents is due to maintenance and repair is not in place, so in addition to improving maintenance technology, we should pay more attention to improving the technical level of operators and users, improve the importance of maintenance and repair, strengthen the training of the skills of operators and users, and thus improve the integrity and attendance rate of equipment, play an important role in agricultural production, and improve agricultural efficiency.