Industrial Drone Inspection

We design, manufacture, and test our technology in northern California and Arizona (U.S.A.), for delivery projects all over the world. USaS was formed by combat proven unmanned aerial systems operators and experienced technology executives to provide heavy duty, high powered UAS products and services. USaS designed its products and solutions for the communications, surveillance, counter UAV and inspections industries. Our solutions are designed to service commercial, industrial, governmental and military UAS operators. Aquiline Drones is an American drone and cloud solutions company located in the financial district of Hartford, Connecticut.

Drones that “see” are also used to monitor the safety of staff, such as during maintenance operations where fixed cameras are not economically feasible. Some large plants apply drones to monitor security instead of closed-circuit television or human patrols. Drones are also tested in applications used to monitor of safety, ergonomics and regulatory compliance.

Drones can video monitoring the site, drones will see if any workers are injured or doing their work properly. It’s a very good investment if you will buy a drone for a construction site. Indeed, construction site video monitoring can complement the use of video-enabled drone technology at construction sites. I think this blog is on the top of for showing the real importance of drones. I think, yes drones will make construction safe because we saw all the area with a drone. Thanks for providing us with such wonderful information about the relation of drones and construction.

Range delivery by drones can serve medical purposes in hard-to-reach areas of the world. Zipline, a Silicon Valley startup, delivers blood and vaccine supplies to African countries lacking infrastructure. In these areas, flying is more efficient than driving and can be an effective substitute for more expensive solutions like helicopters. Drones can vary in shape and size, but the main core elements are essentially the same.

A drone or a UAV typically refers to a pilotless aircraft that operates through a combination of technologies, including computer vision, artificial intelligence, object avoidance tech, and others. Drone technology has been used by defense organizations and tech-savvy consumers for quite some time. However, the benefits of this technology extends well beyond just these sectors. According to Alta Devices, the AnyLighttm technology provides the UAV platform 5 times more daytime endurance at one gram per watt of power generated with virtually no impact on aerodynamics. Two important aspects of this solar alternative when compared to conventional battery power are the Power to Weight Ratio and the Power to Area Ratio .

The company had previously raised $500 million in a 2015 funding round from investors including New China Life Insurance Co Ltd, GIC, and New Horizon Capital, the latter being co-founded by the son of China’s former premier minister Wen Jiabao. Drones are constantly being improved—being made smaller, cheaper and more capable. But while they have tremendous potential for scientific research, they have some drawbacks. Smaller ones cannot fly out of the controller’s line of sight, limiting the size of the area that can be studied. Larger ones need a lot of people to run them and serious technical expertise to fly them.

The 1-inch CMOS sensor Hasselblad camera offers 20-megapixel photography with enhanced HDR and color sensitivity. Elios 2 carries an optical camera, a thermal camera, and a powerful lighting system. During these times of COVID-19, boilers are crucial for the continued operation of a variety of businesses. Drones provide several benefits for bridge inspections—here’s our list of the top 6. Drones present several benefits as a tool for remote visual data collection in sewer inspection scenarios—here is our list of the top 8. Drones present several benefits as a tool for remote visual data collection in mining operations—here is our list of the top 6.

The winning North Carolina Department of Transportation proposal will use drones for medical deliveries. Intel’s Falcon 8 and Falcon 8+ have been flying the skies for some fun inspection projects around the globe. These are not the sort of drones you pick up cheap and fly in your backyard, but if you are serious about inspection services, or other high flying, high-end camera needs, the Falcon 8+ could be the drone for you. More than just a drone, Intel Insight is a powerful software package that takes your images from the sky and performs magic on them. Well, maybe not magic, but creating a full 3D map out of stills is fairly slick.

Dan Burton is the Founder and CEO of DroneBase, the largest global drone operations company. Jacobs noted that drones upset the “paradigm of expectation to fit into the new world of UAV.” One of the biggest focuses of regulators is safety. As commercial and military use cases take off, the greater population is also seeing the opportunities. Talking about the world of UAVs, host Grant Guillot spoke with Jonathan Jacobs.

The drones help with Exxon’s impact assessments before conducting offshore operations. But as UAV costs and barriers to entry lower, nearly all civil engineering projects will be able to benefit from their use. For example, drones can help reduce the time and expense traditionally involved in inspecting infrastructure, constructing roadways and forest roads, and monitoring shoreline erosion. “While some of the initial hype has subsided, providers and end users are refocusing on developing the necessary supporting infrastructure and services to make drone technology viable at scale.” For example, when we do a plant inspection, we end up with about 2 terabytes of data; we then need to present the appropriate information to a client. In conclusion, whoever wants to be successful in this business needs a way to analyze and present big data.

Here’s how some pilots are already using drones, and how they might be used in the future for businesses both large and small. “I just think that the drone industry is — no pun intended — obviously going to take off,” Joshua Larson, founder of drone consultancy Breakover Services, said. “This technology can be used to do anything, as we’ve seen. The safest, most efficient way to get it out there is training and education for the people who will be flying in the airspace where manned aircraft are.” The new regulations streamline the process to legally operate a drone for commercial purposes. Many entrepreneurs are hailing the changes as a step forward that eases the process of expanding commercial drone operations.

With the platform, we can measure in one day what once took multiple days to measure. large industrial facilities, operators must constantly be aware of on-site activity, equipment and ongoing processes. Designed for simplicity, the software answers the needs of users in real-time. Airobotics has developed a platform that is fully automated, industrial grade, on-demand and multi-purpose. The Inspire 2 was built with filmmakers in mind, but it’s advanced camera sensors and Cinecore 2.0 image processing system makes it ideal for anyone who wants that perfect cinematic shot. The 2-axis FPV camera allows drone pilots to see what’s ahead while simultaneously recording with the main camera in the opposite direction.

Cyberhawk was launched in 2008, led by Chris Fleming, a former offshore inspection engineer who worked in the North Sea oil fields. Over the past dozen years, Cyberhawk has grown rapidly, focusing on performing drone inspections for the energy industry. Drones and drone-based technology are becoming increasingly attractive to an oil and gas industry looking to lower costs and remain profitable in a time of tight budgets and persistently low oil prices. Use the form below to ask a question about our unmanned aerial inspection services and a member of our team will respond as soon as possible. We partner with utility and industrial companies to develop new UAS applications, payloads, sensors and custom-built aircraft to meet industry needs. ULC Robotics brings nearly 20 years of technology development and robotics-as-a-service expertise into our drone utility inspection services.


If you are looking for the largest off-the-shelf drone that Yuneec produces, you’ll be looking at the Yuneec Tornado H920 Plus. By default, you’ll launch with the CGO4, which compares nicely to the Panasonic GH4. Well, go ahead and install the camera gimbal to launch with the GH4 itself. In the end, the H920 Plus is an older drone, it’s still reliable and masters the basics, but runs Yuneec’s older in-house software. Their software is not bad, but their newer drones use PX4 and Dronecode software, which is more robust.